Song : Hanna Montana – Wherever I Go

Wherever I Go

by : Hannah Montana

Here we are now
Everything is about to change
We face tomorrow as we say goodbye to yesterday
A chapter ending but the story’s only just begun
A page is turning for everyone
So I’m moving on
Letting go
Holding on to tomorrow
I’ve always got the memories while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be
We might be apart but I hope you always know
You’ll be with me wherever I go
Wherever I go
So excited I can barely even catch my breath
We have each other to lean on for the road ahead
This happy ending is the start of all our dreams
And I know your heart is with meSo I’m moving on
Letting go
Holding on to tomorrow
I’ve always got the memories while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be
We might be apart but I hope you always know
You’ll be with me wherever I go

Its time to show the world we’ve got something to say
A song to sing out loud we’ll never fade away
I know I’ll miss you but we’ll meet again someday
We’ll never fade away

So I’m moving on
Letting go
Holding on to tomorrow
I’ve always got the memories while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be
We might be apart but I hope you always know
You’ll be with me

So I’m moving on
Letting go
Holding on to tomorrow
I’ve always got the memories while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be
We might be apart but I hope you always know
You’ll be with me wherever I go

Wherever I, wherever I go

  • Message : This song tells us about the story of a friends who will be separated because they have to pursue their own dreams. They have been together for so long, but now they have to say goodbye to each other. They wish a luck to one another and they promised to remember and treasured every single moment they had together.
  • Singer : Hannah Montana
  • Moral Lesson : Surely, everyone have their own dreams. They need to pursue it if they want it to come true. Maybe they have to leave the one they love and treasured, like family and friends in the order to pursue it. Saying goodbye is not easy. Remembering and treasured the moment they had together maybe will make it less difficult.
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Education for Better Future

indeed, there are a lot of problems ahead us. wether it’s a local or global problems. when it comes to a problem of course we will always think about ‘what should we do?’ or ‘what should i do about this?’ in another way we could say it as a solution.


People will always think about the solution that either could give an advantage for them-self or a solution that wouldn’t give a disadvantage for them-self, but could people think about a solution that could give a 100% advantage for both side, them-self and other people?


don’t get too far. let’s take an example from our daily life. as a student that study in Indonesia, i think there is a little problem about the curriculum. i think the curriculum that government has made wont give us any better future. why? because they are over-expecting us. the materials that student should have learnt on the first grade or senior high, becoming one of the materials that first grade of junior high schooler learnt. i think this won’t make student smarter, but this will just stress them out.


the word ‘study’ becoming the activity that students only do. 24 hours doesn’t feel enough for student to do another activity beside that.


if the student don’t have enough time, how should should they develop them self? not all of the student do well on studying. some of them do well in another thing. like for example, their hobby. there will be a student who did great on playing music or sport such as basket ball, football, softball, and such as. much of their time have been taken by studying. they don’t have much time to such things.


i think the solution to solve such problems is to give the student enough time to menage them self. give them a time to develop them self. make the materials less harder, so the student won’t get stressed out by that.


the second problem is about the material that the student learn. the common subjects in school are math, physic, biology, chemistry, sosial, art, and a lot more. a lot of the subject filled by the materials that we should understand and remember. after that, at the end of the lesson they will have a quiz or exams to test them if they are understanding the lesson or wether they can pass the lesson. the quiz usually consist from paper test or specking test. not less of the student forget about the half the materials they have learnt after the test ended. why? because that was not the only subject that they should remember. that’s such a waste. instead of doing some paper test or such, why don’t we gave them more practicum? the practicum that they could apply on real life, so that would be useful. on the beginning of the lesson, teacher should tell them about the function of the lesson in real life, the function that could be useful for them, so the student will know the purpose of the lesson. like for example, once i didn’t understand about why should we learn about logarithm, so i asked my teacher about that, they told me that logarithm is useful for the caculaoction on the outer space, like for astronaut.


one day i were curious about what country win the first place for the best education, so i searched it on the internet and the result was Finland. Finland won the first place and i wonder why. Finland will erase homework for student and will focus on giving the student a practicum lesson.


my idea for a better education is to give the student more practicum lesson than giving the lesson on class, so the student will be more understand about the lesson. they should give the student more free time to develop them self

My Last Holiday

On my last holiday I mostly spent it at home and practiced for softball tournament. My team and I spent almost a half of our holiday practicing for tounament. Our skill got improve everyday. We even practiced with another team that joined the game either, because of that we knew more about how to play softball.

We haven’t been in softball for a long time, but we joined the tournament to give us experience. There were six game that we have to do. Even though we are still a newbie, we hoped that we could win at least a game. And fortunately, on the 4th game we won! We were so happy. The point gap was quite big which is 21-7. Even though we only could win one of the game, we were still very greatfull and happy. During the tournament there was a lot of drama and problems, but there was still a lot of joy too. We become like a family.

We did our last game on the 9th of January. We still tried to fight more so we could again, but the result wasn’t very exciting and wasn’t very disappointing eirther. We did lose, but the point gap wasn’t very big which 15-11. On the otrher side, we still could follow the tournament with a happy spirit and a lot of joy. Our coach once said, “The main problem wasn’t about win or lose, it’s about how we enjoyed the game.”


Beside of practing and following the tournament, I went to Bogor and Jakarta with my small family. We went there on the 1st of January. On the fisrt day we went to bogor. We went around the city and visited some places there. On the night, we went to the mal in front of our hotel that we stayed in.

On the second day in the morning, we went to Taman Hutan Bogor. We entered the garden on the 4th door. The door was quite a lot. We saw a lot of plants there. I didn’t remember how many, but it’s surely a lot. We first went around the garden by foot. The weather wasn’t too hot so it was very refreshing. After that we went to the front door which is the first door. There was a lot of people and crowded. I think it was because people usually entered the garden through the first door. After that we rode a car that leaded us around the garden. There was a man who told us about the plants that we saw. It was very fascinating to see that lots of plants.

On the third day we went to Jakarta. We just stayed and home and went to mall there. On the next day we went back to Bandung.




Drama Dialogue

Group :

Adam Najmi K.

Annisa Julia S.

Kindyz Zulva

Kevin Lee

M. Akbar Kurniawan

Salma Afifah

Tiara Shaniaputri








Tiara : “Hi, Kevin, I’m sorry to make you wait that long.”

Kevin lee: “Yeah, it’s okay. I didn’t wait that long, just… 2 hours.”

Tiara : “ Ohh, is my make up too much?”

Kevin lee: “No, not that much. I once hang out with a girl with worse make up than that! I have only hung out with her twice… I got TBC.”

Tiara : “TBC?”

Kevin lee: “Yes, the doctor said that I had powders in my lung.”


Kevin lee: “The weekend, I want to take Tiara, my new girl friend, to candlelight dinner. I have looked for that right place everywhere, and I finally got it! a romantic, cool, with delicious food, and the most important 75% discount!”


Kevin lee: “ I have made the reservation on the restaurant, if we go now, exactly one hour from now, we will arrive.”

Tiara : “ehh, wait.. wait.. wait… Actually there’s something that I want to say. This is my mother.”

Salma: “Good evening, young fella!”

Kevin lee: “Oh, yes mam! Why there’s your father?”

Tiara : “My mother needs a lift to the pharmacy nearby, Can she?”

Kevin lee: “ Of course!”

Salma: “Let’s go now”


Kindys : “Akbar? Why do you come so early? I have just finished my dinner!

Akbar : “Thers’s chocolate on your lips.”

Kindys : “Ohh, oops, I forgot.”


Akbar : “To night, I want to take my girl friend, Kindys, to watch stand up comedy. I’ve researched, if we can make a girl laugh, we can win her heart. I’m sure, the stand up comedian we’re about to watch to night, will make her laugh.”


Kindys : “ Why do you pick me up so early?”

Akbar : “It’s okay, if we leave earlier, we can get a better seat to watch!”

Kindys : “What are we going to wacth anyway? Stand komedo? Komdo? Ooh, we’ll watch komodo in Taman Safari? So we’ll have a safari night?”

Akbar : “Nope, nope, we’re gonna watch this, Stand up comedy! So it’s like Lawak, but different, the person is alone on stage, talking by himself.”

Kindys : “Huh? He’s crazy?”

Akbar : “Ergh, you’ll see it later!”

Kindys : “ Ohh, standup comedy is like OVJ, isn’t it?

Akbar : “No, no.”

Kindys :”Like a speech?”

Akbar : “No..”

Kindys :”Oh! The one where they wrestle on stage, right?”



Reyhan : “Evening, sir.”

Annisa : “Evening, sir.”

Adam : “Evening.”


Reyhan : “Tonight, I want to celebrate the 40th days I know Maemunah. The maid from next door. The plan is I want to take her strolling around in a taxi! This morning I told Mas Akbar about my plan, Mas Akbar gave me 500 thousands! That means I wont have my salary until next month!”

Adam :”So, where are you going?”

Reyhan :”Here, sir we plan on going to the Kota Tua, want to see Fatahilah building, want to ride a camel.”

Annisa : “Onthel, mas. That’s a bicycle, not an animal.”

Reyhan : “Oh yes, onthel bike!”

Adam : “Wow, that’s so cool! Okay, lets go! Which way though?”

Reyhan : “I don’t know”

Annisa : “I don’t know”

Adam :” I don’t know, either.”



Kindys : “Stand up comedy is the one like circus?

Akbar : “No..”

Kindys :”Oh, I know! Stand up comedy is the one on TV all night and people laugh at it?”

Akbar : “Yeah, that’s it. Right!”

Kindys : ”Kick Andy! That is Kick Andy! Hahaha”

Akbar : “No..”


(phone rings)

Akbar : “Yes, what’s up Mas Anca?”

Reyhan : “umm, we’re about to go to Kota Tua, but we don’t know the way, the adam driver also doesn’t know.”

Akbar : “From our home, Mas Anca should go through TB Simatupang, then to Sudirman, just go straight, then near the end there’s Monas, and it’s close from there, Okay?”

Reyhan : “okay.”

Akbar : “You’s disturbing me.”



Reyhan : “He said, we have to go through Simatupang, the Sudirman, the we see Monas.”

Adam :”Oh okay, lets go! Which way to go to Simatupang?”

Reyhan : “I don’t know”

Annisa : “I don’t know”

Adam :” I don’t know, either.”


Salma: “Why were you not talking at all?”

Kevin lee: “It’s okay sir.”

Salma: “it’s unesay, because im here? Just relax. Im hip, you know!”

Kevin lee: “really,sir?”

Salma:”really! Yesterday, I tried using skinny jeans.”

Tiara :”Dad, you’re too cheesy!”

Kevin lee:”Really, sir?”

Salma: “Yes, to be hip!”

Kevin lee: “Good then sir.”

Salma: “ it’s now comfortable.”


Kindys : “Stand up comedy is magic, right?”

Akbar :”No..”

Kindys :”Ergh, what it is?”

Akbar : “Okay, here, let me give you an example. Stand up comedy is comedy, but talking about daily life! So it’s not bland jokes like riddle, like what kind of “riding” is like being chased by egg? Riding rickshaw, becaue we got chased by the egg of driver!”

Kindys :”Hahaha, that is very funny!”

Akbar :”You think that’s funny?”

Kindys :”Yes! It is very funny!”

Akbar :”this is how you laugh?”

Kindys :”So, tonight wil be better that that? Will be funnier? Hahaha!”

Akbar :”it will. It will be funnier.”


Akbar :”I never thought, her laugh is like a possessed pig. I cant imagine taking her to a stand up comedy show.”



Adam : “Luckily, somebody sold a map! Wait a minute, Kota Tua, right? I think I know the place”

Annisa : “Mas Anca, could it be he got us lost on purpose?”

Reyhan : “No way, the driver looks kind. Sir, do you get us lost on purpose, for bigger pay?”

Adam :”Of course not.”

Reyhan : “See? He’s not”


Salma: “I’m sorry for the long waiting. My hermoholf medication ran out! So I have to buy it first.”

Kevin lee: “it’s okay, mam.”

Salma:”Where are we going now?”

Kevin lee:”After this, we want to go to the reataurant, actually. “

Salma:”Can I join you?”

Kevin lee : “Emm..”

Salma: “Yeah, I’ll join okay? How can I’m not join you? Can you see me starving? No, right? Okay?



Akbar : “Ergh, let’s go home instead, okay?”

Kindys : “What’s up?”

Akbar : “I just got the news, the place that we’ll watch stand up comedy tonight, caught fire!

Kindys : “Really?”

Akbar : “Yes, umm.. it says here there was a vigilante community, the had a meeting! Then, they rioted! Ergh”

Kindys : “Really?”

Akbar : “Yeah. Argh! Crazy, ergh! They also having an earthquake”

Kindys : “Really? How can we not feel it?”

Akbar : “Yes, the radius is just 2 meters, the epicentrum is there!”

Kindys : “Ahh, it’s okay, lets go there anyway! I think it’s just your friend playing. Then when we arrive home, your friend suddenly calls, and then he says “Sorry Ya, I lied to you. We had fun here! The stand up comedy is blast!” Then you’ll answer with your sour face! Hahaha. Yes, that face, Bar! Really so dumb! Hahaha. It’s okay, Bar. Let’s go anway.”



Reyhan : “Mr. driver where are we?”

Annisa : “Yes, sir. Why does it seem so dodgy around here?”

Adam : “it’s correct right? You want to go to Kota, right?”

Reyhan : “To Kota Tua, sir! Not kota.. “

Adam :”Ohh, they are different?”

Reyhan : “Yes, of course! It looks like a place where crimes often happenes”

Annisa : “Yes! Could it be here is… thugs of headquarter.”

Adam : “Ohh, how could?”

Tiara (thugs) : “Damn, you! You will not kill me! My family will take a revenge on you all! Don’t get any closer! Don’t get any closer!!




Kindys : “(laughers) wow, so that means, we will laugh all the way to night! Don’t we, Bar? So awesome! Bar, that’s a red light, why did you go through? Er.. Akbar! We got tailed by the cops! Argh.. I’m still on my probation! If we got cought, I can get back in jail! Argh, I don’t want to get back to jail! It wasn’t good! Ahh, akbar!”


Akbar : “I prefer police station, rather than listening to that horrible laughter voice all night!”


Salma: “Loh? What’s up there?”

Kevin lee : “Ergh, I think there is a raid check. They told us to pull over.”

Salma:”Do you want to see me play the cops?”

Tiara : “Mom.. don’t do strange things!”

Salma: “Ahh, to make it thrilling! So that’ll make Kevin happy.”

Reyhan (Police) :”Good evening.”

Kevin lee :”good.. good evening, sir.”

Reyhan (Police) : “License and registration, please.”

Kevin lee :”Here.”

(Salma playing with the medicine)

Reyhan (Police) :”What medicine is that, mam?”

salma: “What do you think?”

Reyhan (Police) : “Sir, what medicine is that?”

salma : “what is this, actually? Drugs, maybe?”

Reyhan (Police) : “don’t joke around about drugs. This is a serious case, mam.”

Salma :”Funny! An angry cops! Hahaha. Mr. cops is angry. Why so serious? Haha.”


(in police station)

kevin lee : “Tiara’s dad is still inside. I got dehydrated from all the urine test I have to take.”

Akbar :”You still better, Vin. I got questioned by there cops all the same time “why were you speeding all the way?””

Kevin lee : “What’s the problem, they said?”

Reyhan :”I was put in the database to be included in the witness protection program. Me and maemunah saw a druglord got shot to death by the cops.”






Hello, cuties! In this post I will tell you about shopping center in Korea that you must visit! It’s not complete yet if you don’t go shopping in such a amazing place like Korea, right? Well now, I will tell you about some places that you should go during your trip in Korea!

The first place is Myeong-dong. Visiting this place is a must when you go to Korea. Myeong-dong is one of the main Seoul’s shopping center and also one of the biggest. It is kind of a street that surrounded by stores. In this place, you can see most of the boutique, branded Korean cosmetic store such as The Face Shop and Nature Republic, branded cloths store, some of café to take a rest when you’re tired, and even a street food to buy and a cheap things that sold in the street.


Myeong-dong is a never ending crowded place. Local Korean and tourism keep coming to either buy something they need and a souvenirs or just to hang out with family or friends. You can take a really beautiful picture here too! And at night it become more pretty, because of the colorful light that come from the stores.

The second place is Dongdaemun District. Different from Myeong-dong which is a street that full of so many kind of stores, Dongdaemun is just a big building that filled with a stores inside of it. It looks almost like a shopping mall. There is one more difference between Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun, Myeong-dong has a lot of import branded stores and Dongdaemun has more like a product which is made by Korea itself. There are a lot of shirt, sweater, pants, hat, shoes, and accessories which is a local made. Beside of that, there are also some of café to stop by. We can sit, eat, and talk with our relatives if we are tired of walking around the mall.

In Dongdaemun, you can find more souvenirs to buy than in Myeong-dong. Of course, there are souvenirs to buy in Myeong-dong, but not as much as in Dongdaemun. And in here, you can buy it with less price.


You can get cheaper price in Dongdaemun. Maybe because it sell lot of Korean made product, but still with a good quality and a good design on it. 🙂

So, this is the end of my post today, I will you guys on the next post, bye!

Describing Person

I will be describing about one of the person that i know. So, this person is a girl. She loves pink so much. She is a little bit japanese but consider her as korean, haha. And yes, she loves korean-pop so much. She wears bracket on her teeth. She is a genius when it comes to math. She has a short hair. So, these are the clue. Can you guess who is she?

My School life

I’m now studying in 3 Senior High School in Bandung. I feel so happy that i can study in here, because this is one of the best senior high school in my country. Even though i just study here between one and two months, i can feel the pressure and happiness here. One of the reason of the pressure is the homework. The homework is really stressing me out. There are a lot of homework that hard to do and easy yet lot of homework. Every each of the day the teachers give us homework, but i know that  there is a purpose behind all of this. The purpose is to make us more understand about the materials that we study. Beside of the test is really hard to do. This week seems like a week of test. All of the teacher ended the material already and give us test to know about how far we understand about the material. I have to study every day to get a good score.

One of the happiest thing here is about the activity outside the study. What i mean is the extracurricular. There are a lot of extracurricular that we can choose, for example there are softball, classical music, theater, debate, japanese club, and many more. It is hard to choose the extracurricular that i want, because i want all of them! haha. I can’t wait to join it. We can join the extracurricular around 2 months after we officially become a student of the school.

I got a lot of crazy yet nerdy friends here. There are a lot of smart student here. Like super smart or genius! If we got first rank student on the each of the junior high school in my city, this place is where they gathered. I need to study hard to beat them.

My daily routine is go to school, go to get an extra lesson and finally go home. I can’t easily rest even when i’m home. I need to do my homework or study when there is a test on the next day. It’s getting more difficult because mostly i went home at night. So these are my school live. : )


A Taekwondo Championship

G. Almi : “Hi guys! I won’t be able to attend the class next Friday.”
Tiara S. : “What happen?”
G. Almi : “I will participate in Delta National Taekwondo Championship.”
Tiara P. : “What a great news! I hope you will win the medal.”

Next Friday, On the Phone
Tiara S. : “Hi, Almi. How’sit going?”
G. Almi : “The first round will be started in 15 minutes.”
Tiara P. : “Wow, it’s so close! Are still practicing now?”
G. Almi : “Not anymore. I’m stretching now.”
Tiara S. : ”Who wil you fight againts?”
G. Almi : “Someone from Bali, she is a good fighter.”
Tiara P. : “She must be very tough, you must be were of her.”
Tiara S. : “We hope you for the best! Good luck, Almi.”
G. Almi : “I will hang up now. Bye guys. Wish me luck.”

The Day after the Championship
Tiara P. : “How was the tournament?”
G. Almi : “It was tough, but i win!”
Tiara S. : “Congratulations, Almi! I know you’re a good fighter.”
Tiara P. : “We’re very proud of you!”
G. Almi : “Thank you so much! I wouldn’t make it without your supports.”

My New Friend

Hello everyone, i will introduce you one of my new friend named Ghina Almira Aulia, but you can call her Ghina or Almi for short. She was born in 7th March 2000. She lives in Galunggung street no. 18, Bandung. Her hobby is practicing taekwondo. She really good at teakwondo and win a lot of championship. She even got an offer to be trained in South Korea. Anyway, she will participate in one of the championship this week. I hope the championship will run smoothly, good luck, Almi! She likes to eat pizza which is one of her favorite food. She has one sibling which is an older sister. Even though she likes teakwondo, her favorite subject is Math and she really good at it. Her wish is to be a successful person and her mother inspires her so much.

Aside from taekwondo with it’s boyish image, she like to do modeling too! It was surprising, right? I heard that she was a model when she was around 12 years old. Another thing that she like is music! She likes to sing and can play the guitar well. I haven’t seen it yet when she played the guitar, but i believe that it will turn out good!

She told me that she like drawing, but she thinks that she can’t draw either. I think there are no one who can’t draw. Everybody mostly can. It depends on how people see it. It’s either good or bad. Am i right? haha.
She wish to continue her study in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) or Universitas Padjajaran (UNPAD). I hope her wish will come true and all of her dream will come to reality!

All About Me

Hi, my name is Tiara Shaniaputri. My friend often call me Tiara. I was born on March 25 2000. I live in Sarijadi street block 17 no. 3, Bandung. I have two sibling which are one younger brother and one younger sister. Our age gap is not too far, so we usually play together.

I’m now studying in one of the best senior high school in the country, 3 Senior High School in Bandung. I was so glad that i can get accepted and can study with the best teachers and of course, the best and competitive students. As i can get accepted here, I also hope that i can graduate with a satisfying score and continue my study in the university that i always dreamt of, ITB and UNPAD. Beside of that, i also hope that I can study not only in Indonesia, but in the other country such as England, Australia and Germany.

Speaking of the future, i actually still quite confuse about what should i choose to be my dream job. I want to be a successful doctor just like my parents and get my own hospital, but in the other hand, i also want to be an engineer, because i like to make things and my favorite subjects are both Math and Physics. i hope i can quickly choose between both of those and decide my dream job.

Anyway, my hobbies are listening to the music and playing one of the instrument such as guitar, violin and piano. I have a lot of interest in music. When i get bored i often plug the earphone in my ears and start to listen to the music to kill the time. I learned how to play piano and violin when i was 12 years old, but stopped learning it since then. i wish i could learn it again and improve my skill. Different from piano and violin, i learned how to play guitar by myself. It was quite hard to play it at first, but with enough practice i could make it.

hm, so now i will tell you about the most amazing holiday that i ever had. so, on December 2009 i went to Australia. i was visiting my uncle and auntie who live there. Different from the other country, Australia had no snow around that time, but it was summer! Even though i really want to know how it feels like to be in a snowy area, i like summer very much! Even thought the hotness is killing me, i think we can do most of the exciting activities in the summer. Such as swimming, go to beach, and even go to the park. I had a lot of good time during that trip. It has been 6 years since that trip, so lots of the memories start to fade away. What a shame. This is one of my photo when i was there!

This is one of the photo while i was there. : )


my second best holiday is when i went to South Korea. I’m one of a korean idols fan, so it was really amazing to be there! The tour leaded by three tour guide, two of them are Korean and one of the is Indonesian. Because we went there by tour, we were touring with the other family.

It was around November when i went there, so it was quite cold. We have we wear a winter wear to protect our body from the coldness.

I learned how to make a Korean traditional food named kimchi, went to one of the most famous amusement park there, and of course, went shopping! I have a lot of good time there.